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I have found the Gentle Breath Meditation™ to be a very powerful tool in life. We meditate to simply re-connect to our self – not to bliss out and not just to 'calm the mind', although it will calm the mind also.
Once we start to appreciate and confirm that we are not just a human body – we are also a being, with a soul – we have the key to getting rid of our underlying anxiety and misery. The Gentle Breath Meditation supports us to re-turn to this simple truth.
Anne offers individual meditation sessions and group meditation classes.
For more information on meditation and the difference between mindfulness and whole body mindedness click on the button below:
Esoteric Yoga
Esoteric Yoga -the Yoga of Stillness -is a deeply supportive therapy for connecting to your body, your inner stillness, your movements and your expression as a human being. 

Anne Scott has trained in Esoteric Yoga and is currently completing her 100 practise hours to enable her to qualify as an Esoteric Yoga teacher

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Connective Tissue Stretches


Moving Into Stillness

An 18 minute audio to support you to sleep, to start your day or to re-centre yourself.

For other audios, see 'audios' under this resources  page

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