Group Yoga & Exercise Classes

  • Approved Strength and Balance Classes

  • Approved Fall Prevention Classes (Accident Compensation Corporation)

  • Stretching/Flexibility (qualified Yoga Teacher)

  • Strengthening and Stability Exercises (qualified Fitness Instructor)

  • Exercise for Stress Prevention and Management (Stress Management and Prevention Consultant)


Joy-full, gentle yoga and general exercise, with awareness, staying connected to the body and the gentle breath, including: stretching, strengthening and stability (balancing) exercises, gentle breath meditation and deep relaxation (coming into stillness). 




Group, individual, corporate and school sessions available.


Group sessions – as per the class timetable


Individual sessions at my home – $75 per hour – Book Here

Individual sessions outside my home, within a 10 km radius – $85 per hour - Book Here


Corporate sessions – fee available on request


"I have been to over 100 classes offered in Auckland and and yours is my favourite class. It's been a great pleasure to meet you."

Chris Christensen, Community Strength and Balance, Harbour Sport, Auckland

Individual Yoga & Exercise sessions

​Exercise or yoga sessions tailored for individual needs, to support with: recovery from injury, balance, increasing strength and bone density, improving flexibility, managing or preventing stress, sleep difficulties, anxiety, fitness.

​​​For more information, or to book a class or a personal session contact Anne on 022 1399 810 or email info@gloriousbody.co.nz

Anne says:

I taught Hatha (physical) yoga the way my teacher taught me  for twenty years.


The emphasis was on the physical asana (postures) though I also practised all sorts of breathing techniques, visualisations,  and meditations.  


Despite these practices I still often suffered from a sore lower back and tightness in my shoulders and legs.


For the last eight years I have  let go of teaching  'hard' yoga postures as I  felt, not only that they were not supporting me or my class participants, but  I could feel how much  the consciousness of yoga has changed since the times of the great yoga sage Patanjali.


I realised I had an air of superiority – "I teach yoga". As I was also a qualified fitness instructor it was easy for me to change the way I taught yoga as I could gradually introduce more general exercises to my classes.


Although my classes do still have some traditional yoga poses, such as the bridge, I have adapted them so they feel more honouring of the body. And...guess what? I am actually stronger and more flexible than I was before making these changes! I seldom have lower back issues now either.


My class participants tell me they have observed similar changes in themselves.  One participant shared that her doctor couldn't believe how strong her leg and abdominal muscles were for her age.


"I feel so fortunate to have found Anne’s class. As a busy Mum of two young children I find it hard to carve out time for myself. Anne’s class (gentle yoga and exercise with weights) is my time once a week to focus on me feeling centred, balanced and relaxed. I look forward to the weekly class and always come away from her sessions feeling at peace, with more focus and gratitude. Anne is always so positive towards everyone and  very accommodating of all fitness levels, because of this she has gathered a lovely caring and encouraging community of men and women in her classes."

Fiona, Remuera