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About Anne Scott

Anne Scott presents and

inspires others through how she lives – she lives her life from the inner-most part of herself: the part that is naturally glorious, loving and still. She sees others as equally glorious.

Fitness and Yoga

Anne has taught yoga, aqua aerobics and general fitness continuously since 1997. She commenced her training in Esoteric Healing Therapies in 2011 and set up   her Complementary Healing practice in 2013, adding Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy in 2014, Esoteric Chakra-puncture in 2016 and Esoteric Massage in 2017.

Yoga Tutor and Coordinator of Yoga Training Courses


Anne has tutored on two 18-month IYTA Yoga Teacher Training Diploma courses and coordinated two more of those courses.

Stress Prevention and Management


Anne has designed and delivered stress prevention/management, time management and lifestyle presentations to Telecom NZ (now Spark) sales staff in Auckland. She has also supported individuals to prevent/manage stress.

Media Appearances


Anne has appeared on Face Television’s “In Conversation with Noel Cheer” in September (9th) 2013 on “The Benefits of Yoga”. She also appeared in Next Magazine in November 2006 in an article “Retreat to Health” (page 170) describing her cancer survivor retreats at Aio Wira Retreat Centre, West Auckland.

Cancer Support​


Anne has run wellness programmes for cancer survivors since 2005, initially through Breast Associates (Auckland) and the Cancer Society of NZ Inc. (Auckland division), and subsequently through her own practice, with an emphasis on breath work, relaxation, meditation, yoga and lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, work/life balance, preventing and managing stress, anxiety and sleeping). She has also created, organized and co-presented several "Moving on from Cancer" and “Moving into Wellness” retreats in Auckland for cancer survivors, covering the above topics, as well as how to move forward from cancer, including what might need to change, how to re-connect to the real self and exploring the mind/body/spirit/heart/soul connection, and psycho-emotional issues. She has also taught relaxation as part of the 'Encore' programme for cancer survivors, run by the YMCA.

Sleep and Anxiety Management


Anne has co-created a Sleep and Anxiety Management Programme for 

the Cancer Society of NZ Inc. (Auckland division) and co-presented 

several programmes. 

Sessions with Anne give you the opportunity to make changes that could potentially powerfully affect your life.


  • Diploma in Yoga Teaching, International Yoga Teachers’ Association (N.Z.) Inc.

  • Diploma in Sports Science and Management, UNITEC Auckland

  • Certificate in Fitness Instruction and Personal Training, Network for Fitness Professionals NZ

  • Esoteric Practitioners Association recognised Practitioner Level 3 (Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy, Esoteric Chakra-puncture, Esoteric Massage)

  • Previously REPs registered (Register of Exercise Professionals) 

  • Law degree, Victoria University of Wellington

  • Diploma in Chakra-puncture, Evolve College (Australia)

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