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Anne offers individual meditation sessions and group meditation classes.

Gentle Breath Meditation in 5 Simple Steps


"To breathe your own breath will bring you the real you.

The real you paves the way for the true you."

Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p. 512

For more information, or to book a session, contact Anne on 022 1399 810 or email

Step 1   

Either sitting or laying down, support your body in its natural posture, letting go of any tensions.


Step 2

Slowly, deliberately close your eyes. Feel your eyelids closing over the curve of your eyeballs.


Step 3

Focus first on your in breath. Make the quality of each in breath gentle, feel the cool air enter at the tip of your nose (the top rim of your nostrils).


Step 4

Now bring focus to your out breath. Breathe out gently, feel the warmth of the air leaving the base of your nostrils.


Step 5

Claim the process by making the movements in your body gentle as you breathe. The Gentle Breathe meditation is about connecting back to you.

Make your life your meditation by breathing the rhythm of your own breath in all that you do.

Anne says:


I practised all sorts of meditations, visualisations and 'relaxations' for about 25 years. None of these practices re-connected me to my true self.


The very first time I experienced the Gentle Breath Meditation™ I went straight to my inner heart.


I could feel the warmth and stillness in my heart like a warm glow that then spread out into my whole body. 


I have since found it to be a very powerful tool in life.


We meditate to (simply) re-connect to our self -not to bliss out and not just to 'calm the mind',  although it will calm the mind also.


Once we start to appreciate and confirm that we are not just a human body -we are also a being, with a soul and a spirit – we have the key to getting rid of our underlying anxiety and misery. We are multidimensional beings! The Gentle Breath Meditation supports us to re-turn to this simple truth.

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