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Diet and weight loss



Emotional Responses

Sleep Difficulties




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Presentations and discussions to support with:

  • Sleep difficulties

  • Diet, nutrition and weight loss 

  • Physical activity and exercise 

  • Work/life balance 

  • Ability to self-love, self-care and self-nurture 

  • Emotional responses

  • Stress prevention and management


Individual, group, corporate and school sessions available.

For more information, or to book a session, contact Anne on

022 1399 810 or email

Anne says:


Our lifestyle choices make such a huge difference to our lives. I have learned  in the last fifteen years or so how important it is to love and care for my body, mind and being. Simple things, such as how I put on my clothes, make my bed, shop, cook a meal or clean my teeth, make such a difference to the quality of my life.


What and how I eat also makes a huge difference to how well I feel and how much energy I have.  I used to get a lot of stomach issues and sometimes had irritable bowel – since cutting gluten from my diet this has stopped – unless I eat something that doesn't support my body of course! My sinus issues have virtually disappeared since I cut out dairy from my diet too.


I have gradually changed the way I exercise too. I used to exercise hard out for a long time most days and hence I was always exhausted and reaching for sugar or caffeine or collapsing on the couch watching TV at the end of the day or reading for hours at a time in the weekend.


I have also learned over the years to not react as much to life events and so my stress levels have reduced and I hardly ever get angry anymore. I have learned not to take on other people's issues.


In short, my body and being feel a lot more in harmony and I have re-discovered the joy I experienced as a child.


"After a session with Anne I feel more able to cope with things that frustrate or annoy me."



Individual sessions: $100 per session

Six sessions booked in advance: $500 (Total Value $600)

Corporate and school sessions – fee available on request

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