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Esoteric Massage

A beautiful, deeply healing and restorative modality

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Anne says:

When I experienced my first Esoteric Massage during my first training course, I had just had one calf massaged and was asked to walk – the leg that was massaged felt totally different to the other one! It was far looser and felt longer. My masseur shared that one leg looked very different to the other. I loved it from that day on!

After an Esoteric Massage my body feels much more in sync with itself, so that I feel way more at ease and comfortable in my skin. The tension seems to drain away from my body so I feel not just relaxed, but very still and alert, and very connected to my body. I walk away feeling totally different! I especially love the kidney massage, which works wonders for my lower back which sometimes is painful. But I also love the face massage – what a treat! My face feels –and looks – wider and more open. After an arm and shoulder massage these areas feel much lighter and looser. A whole back massage also feel amazing – so relaxing and yet re-vitalising too.


What is Esoteric Massage? 


Esoteric Massage is a manual therapy that restores true movement to the body by creating a true flow of energy to the muscles and joints. It is complementary to existing medical support for body aches and pains. It supports you to feel much lighter and more at ease when you move.

What are the Benefits of Esoteric Massage?

  • Releases muscle tension, ingrained disharmony or ill energy which cause the body to move or function in dysfunction

  • Specialised techniques that address specific parts of the body, e.g. kidney (lower back) massage for lower back pain

  • Can support how we move in everyday life, and what makes us move

  • Can support with scoliosis, middle back pain and lung issues

  • Is deeply relaxing

  • You feel more open, free and loose in the body                                      

What can Esoteric Massage Treat?

  • Functional support and flow of movement to the body

  • Greater awareness of, and connection to, the body

  • Aches and Pains 

  • Stiffness

  • Sleep difficulties

  • Stress


Individual sessions: $75 per session

Inquire about a 6 week programme: $375 (Total value $450)


"Whenever I have a massage with Anne, I drop into the most deep relaxed state. I feel very safe and comfortable with her and find her ability to read my body with all its tensions and held emotions etc. quite inspiring.  I come out feeling much more connected to myself and lighter in my body. I highly recommend going to see Anne."

Aimee, Auckland
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