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Live gloriously

Re-connect to your body, restore your vitality, and live a joy-full and purpose-full life.




Complementary Therapies which 

work alongside Western Medicine and focus on the connection to the esoteric (inner-most) part of yourself and thus add an extra dimension to health and wellbeing - what could be called the  'missing ingredient' in conventional medical care.

Gentle Yoga & Exercise
Classes & Private sessions

Joy-full, gentle exercise, with awareness, staying connected to the body and the gentle breath, including: stretching, strengthening and stability (balancing) exercises, gentle breath meditation and relaxation (coming into stillness).

Stress Prevention & Management

Presentations/discussions to support with  prevention and management of stress, including: communication techniques/expression, conflict resolution, dealing with emotions/negative thoughts/reactions, time management, meditation, gentle breath and relaxation/stillness.


"What I loved about working with you is not only your commitment to excellence in your esoteric healing therapy, but also, your innate wisdom and ability to communicate so authentically and empathically and joyously with others!  You are a very special woman and it has been a privilege to meet and work with you."

Linda, Psychologist, Auckland
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